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 Basic Information and Rules

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PostSubject: Basic Information and Rules   Wed Feb 06, 2013 11:39 pm

Illusion is a planned guild for the upcoming MMO, The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO or TESO). There isn't much to say yet, since the game is far from being released. Basically, we are looking to create a community of close-knit, active players who work together as a team in both PvP and PvE. This page is dedicated to all the different forums, as well as basic information about the guild in general. Many of these forums don't exist yet, as the game isn't released yet and not enough is known about the mechanics of it. Check back after release!

1) Please post in appropriate topics and categories, don't spam the general forums.
2) Don't be annoying. Things like caps lock, bad spelling, excessive cursing, etc. This applies to sticky topics or other members' topics; if you make your own topic feel free to do whatever you want.
3) Be respectful. Don't troll, start fights, etc. If you need to fight with someone, either go make a new topic or use in-game chat.


The PvP forum will be dedicated to PvP strategies, character builds, planned events such as fort sieges, general conversation about PvP, etc.

The PvE forum will be dedicated to tactics, character builds, forming groups among guild members, etc.

We will also add a topic for economics/crafting where players can make crafting arrangements. For example, one person may agree to craft swords, another may enchant them, and then they could sell the swords and split the profit. Also, this is a good place to post tips on making money, or any conversations about economics and crafting.

The Misc forums will be for any game-related conversation or discussion.
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PostSubject: Re: Basic Information and Rules   Thu Feb 07, 2013 12:43 am

I cannot wait . Basketball
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Basic Information and Rules
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